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Vegan hotspots in Paris

Although France is less progressive in the plantbased transition than where I live (the Netherlands), you will find more and more vegan eateries in Paris. As a vegan you will not be short of anything. In fact, with a number of 100% plant-based bakeries you can now indulge in delicious croissants, viennoiseries and pastries.. oh la la! Below you will find my list of favorite vegan & vegan-friendly hotspots, with my recommendations from the menu. My ultimate favorites are the street food joint Gangnam Falafel, vegan bakery Land & Monkeys and the vegan pastries from VG patisserie.

Pain au chocolate, anyone?

Left & right: VG Patisserie

🅥 = 100% vegan

Bakeries & breakfast

A chain of all vegan (!) bakeries. From coffee and croissants to viennoiseries, pastries and savory sandwiches. The staff is friendly, there is seating ánd wifi. You can choose a breakfast or lunch menu ('formule') which is a bit cheaper. Needless to say, I spend many mornings here drinking coffee and eating a viennoiserie ;)

My favourites: pain au chocolat aux amandes, sandwich Le Falafel and a cafe latte.

A great, 100% vegan bakery and coffee shop. They have some savory options in addition to viennoiseries, pastries and hot drinks. It is only a small location with a few seats, but with good weather there is also a terrace! There is no WiFi available though.

My favourites: Pain aux amandes et chocolat, Macchiato Hazelnut or a chocolat chaud

A patisserie and breakfast/lunch place with an American touch. You can sit there comfortably, or pick up a selection of pastries. Their specialty are cupcakes and pancakes, but they have much more! They also do delivery via Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

My favorites: avocado toast, pancakes, or a milkshake

Lunch & coffee places

🅥 Grounded

An atmospheric, 100% vegan coffee shop with hot drinks, lunch and viennoiseries. We sat here briefly to shelter from the rain. A nice place!

My favorite: cinnamon roll, avocado toast

Café Klin An atmospheric vegetarian cafe with all-day breakfast, coffee, snacks and other drinks. Just to be sure, ask what vegan is. Café Klin belongs to the adjacent concept store Klin D'oeil, and the same colorful style has been implemented in both buildings. They also serve everything in special, handmade ceramics. With a bit of luck you will also find the house poodle, Weasley.

My favorite: chai latte

Left & right: Café Klin

A chain for breakfast & lunch with a cozy interior. The spacious locations are often conveniently located, and it is often very busy. Their menu is focussed on organic and sustainable produce, but unfortunately they are not completely vegetarian. They do have many vegetarian and vegan options. It's not very cheap, but always homemade and fresh.

My favorites: Soup du jour, tartine avocado, moelleux au chocolat

When I lived in Paris (I was vegetarian at the time, not vegan yet) this was my favorite place for lunch. Not necessarily for the atmosphere, but especially for the take away lunch options. Cojean is a chain that focuses on fresh and healthy food. Although they also serve meat, they have many vegetarian and vegan options. A great option to pick up lunch and take it to the nearest park!

My favorites: soup, ginger bean salad


A fully vegan Vietnamese restaurant. It's not super modern but it has a cozy atmosphere and very friendly staff. For Parisian standards is very affordable too!

My favorite: Soupe Mi Kathy

It is not that big inside, and quite uninvitingly lit, but we did have a delicious meal here and the staff was very friendly and helpful. In addition to a French menu, they also have an English version, and there are many photos accompanying the dishes (very handy!). There is a lot of choice of meat substitutes such as 'beef' and 'pork' from soy.

My favorite: Black pepper 'beef' & bell peppers.

100% vegan panini place. Affordable and fast, but not the most cozy place or the best quality dishes. The employee was very friendly, and we had a filling lunch for a fair price. They have burgers, hot dogs, paninis, sandwiches, poke bowls and desserts. I recommend this place for an affordable, quick bite or lunch to-go.

My Favorite: Hot Dog New Yorkais

Although both branches are located right in the center of Paris - in the popular area Latin Quarter (5th arrondissement) - the branches themselves are rather uninviting, and the staff is not particularly friendly. But I still love this place for their tasty (and very affordable) pita or bowl with falafel and/or grilled aubergine. You can choose different vegetables, salads and sauces from their salad bar as a topping for your pita / bowl. Sometimes you're even alllowed to refill multiple times - oh yes! When the weather allows it, I reccomend to take your meal to the banks of the Seine and enjoy the sun and Parisian atmosphere.

A fusion Lebanese/Korean takeaway. Vegetarian, with many vegan options. Let's just say that Lebanese and Korean are two of my favorite cuisines, and I was super pleasantly surprised at how well they go together! Think hummus with kimchi, dumplings, falafel, aubergine, potato, vegan chicken and tteokbokki - all mixed together. My new favorite place in Paris. Unfortunately there is no real seat (but if you ask nicely they will arrange something). Recommended!

My favorites: Winter Bowl, Falafel Sandwich Classique and Yakgwan Sando (a chocolate cookie)

Left & right: Gangnam Falafel

A small, vegetarian falafel place near the Sacre Coeur. A nice owner, just doublecheck what options are vegan. They serve homemade pitas, falafel, soup and other dishes. Very tasty! They also have wine, beer and desserts.

My favorites: pita Smash Falafel, pita Le Sweet.

A small vegetarian place with vegan falafel wrap and mezze. There is only one community table to sit, but take away is possible as well.

My favorite: falafel wrap

(Psst.. I guess I really love falafel - can you tell? )

Vegan shops

The flagstone of the 100% vegetable cheese brand Jay & Joy. Let me put it better: a vegan cheese paradise in Paris! You may already know this cheese from the Ekoplaza in the Netherlands. I occasionally bought their blue cheese there (see this blog post on vegetable cheese) and can wholeheartedly recommend it. They also have all kinds of other products such as meat substitutes, chocolate, etc.

A 100% vegan supermarket in the center of Paris, near the trendy Le Marais district. Here you will find everything your vegan heart desires, such as a wide range of vegetable cheeses, meat substitutes, care products, books and even vegetable dog and cat food.

Formerly known as Un Monde Vegan. A vegan supermarket with a wide range of vegan products, as well as a selection of gluten-free & vegan products. They not only have food, but also care products, plant-based dog and cat food and books.

Links: de straten van Parijs, rechts: plantaardige kaas van Jay & Joy


Looking for more ?

There is so much vegan offerings in Paris, I wish I could try everything! Unfortunately I haven't been able to visit the places below yet, but they are known for their vegan (friendly) options. Try it out and let me know how it was? ;)

🅥 = 100% vegan

Bakeries & breakfast

🅥 Boneshaker Donuts - fresh, 100% plant-based donuts & coffee. Has some seats.

🅥 Boneshaker brownie bar - 100% plant-based brownies, a few feet away from the Boneshaker Donuts. Take away only.

Lunch & coffee

🅥 Brouillon coffee - A 100% vegan coffee & lunch place with healthy options and a minimal / no waste concept.

🅥 Comptoir Veggie - A breakfast & lunch place with vegan croissants, waffles and buddha bowls.


🅥 Le Potager de Charlotte - Refined vegan dishes with a focus on French, local and organic products. The dishes are homemade and change seasonally.

🅥 Ajourd'hui Demain - Concept store & vegan restaurant with very good reviews. Also supplies vegan cakes to order.

🅥 Jah Jah by le Tricycle - Afro Caribbean vegan dishes. Expect fresh meals using organic produce, and some gluten free dishes as well.

🅥 Le Petit Veg - The only 100% vegan Indian restaurant in Paris, and it has great reviews. They have many glutenfree options as well.

🅥 Soya Cantine Bio - A vegan & organic restaurant, with a focus on fresh & healthy.

🅥 Season Square - Vegan & homemade dishes with attention to organic, local and in season.

🅥 Café Ginger - Vegan restaurant for lunch & dinner. Uncomplicated, organic & fresh.

🅥 Soya Cantine Bio - Atmospheric vegan & organic restaurant with spring rolls, mezze, lasagna.

🅥 Le Potager du Marais - Restaurant serving typical French dishes such as seitan bourguignon.

🅥 Breathe - Vegan restaurant with two locations: the location in Pigalle is more of a bistro and in Montorgueil they serve Asian dishes.

🅥 Mopa - Organic, vegan and homemade dishes, mainly burgers and other fast food.

🅥 Les Tontons Veg - Homemade vegan street food such as burgers, falafel, salad and desserts.

🅥 Amberger - Plant based fast food such as burgers and fish & chips.

🅥 Theory - Vegan fast food restaurant (formerly Burger Theory). Serves burgers, bowls & fries.

🅥 Hank Burger - Vegan, homemade fast food chain with multiple locations in Paris.

Tien Hiang - Vegetarian, mostly vegan restaurant with Asian cuisine. Serves dishes like clay pot, bento, sushi, soup, 'mock meat', rice and noodles.

Vegebowl - 100% vegetarian, 90% vegan restaurant with an Asian cuisine (Thai, Chinese, Malaysian).

Happiz - Vegetarian, Italian pizza place with vegan options. You can choose your own toppings, like vegan mozarella and mock meat.

La Sabicherie - New vegetarian place with vegan options. Serves pitas with ingredients of your choice: hummus, aubergine etc.

Végé Saveurs - Vegetarian restaurant serving Asian cuisine. Vegan except for the vegetarian 'chicken'!

Fastfood / Take Away

🅥 Jimmy Streetfood - American style fast food such as 'chicken' wings and Mac & cheese. Seating available.

🅥 Vegan Sandwich Club - 100% vegan sandwiches including Beyond Meat. Also various cookies. Sounds like a vegan Subway? ;)

🅥 Pidz - Vegan pizza chain, only take-away or delivery.

🅥 V-taco - Vegan fast food burritos, take away or delivery only

🅥 What the Fries - Vegan loaded fries, only take away or delivery

🅥 Vegedal - Vegan fast food, only take away or delivery


🅥 Drinks & Co - Concept store with 100% vegetable tapas and cocktails.

🅥 Ara Chocolat - A shop and webshop with artisan vegan & organic chocolate.



De most beautiful parks

Jardin des Plantes - A beautiful park with several gardens, parks and benches. In the park you will also find tropical greenhouses (les Grandes Serres, entrance = €7) and Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle.

Jardin du Luxembourg - A beautiful, typical Parisian park. It's very stylish and chique with fountains, statues and lots of flowers.

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont - I think this must be my favorite park in Paris! It has an artificial lake, with a small temple on top of a cliff in the middle of it. (It's actually very popular for wedding photoshoots). There are lots of trees, little paths and hills to walk around or to have a picknick.

Cemetière Père Lachaise Not officially a park, but well worth mentioning. As the largest and most known cemetry in Paris, there are many graves of famous people to discover here. But it's mostly a great place to walk around, enjoy some peace & quiet, and be amazed at the extravagant, over the top graves you'll find here.

Left: Paris seen from Parc Belleville. Right: Cemetière Père Lachaise

My favorite shops

Walrus - Vinyl record store with a small bar that hosts live music on a regularl basis.

Klin D'oeil - A cute and colorful concept store with ceramics exhibitions. My favorite shop in Paris!

La Slow Galerie - A beautiful gallery with (illustration) art, incl. affordable prints. It's a real treasure hunt to find the perfect piece for your home.

Artazart - Great art bookshop and gallery.

Kiliwatch - Large vintage store & concept store.

My top picks for musea

Paris has so much amazing art to offer, much more than just the Louvre ;). Discover my favorites here:

Musée de la vie Romantique - One of the free museums in Paris. A beautiful old house full of Romanticism art.

Petit Palais - The permanent collection is free to visit, viewing an exhibition costs €9-11.

Musée Rodin - A (small) museum about Rodin with a beautiful sculpture garden. Definitely worth a visit in good weather! Ticket price: €13.

Musée de l’Orangerie - Located in the beautiful Jardin das Tuleries. The museum has a large collection of art by Monet, Cézanne, Matisse, Renoir, Picasso and many more famous French artists from the 19th and 20th centuries (mainly impressionists). Ticket price: €12.50.

Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle: the gallery of evolution - A museum about the evolution and history of French flora and fauna. I don't know if other vegans like this museum. I like to go there myself. The museum is full of stuffed animals and skeletons of, among others, whales and dinosaurs. The collection dates from 1889, the museum itself has been completely restored and reopened in 1994.

Musée Cernischi - The permanent collection is free to visit, viewing an exhibition costs €7-9.

Left: a courtyard in Paris, right: the gate at Musée Cernischi

Do you have any updates or additions? Be sure to let me know!

This blog is based solely on my findings and is in no way sponsored.



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