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Vegan hotspots | Hamburg

The coziest cafés, restaurants with delicious vegan food and the most beautiful parks and neighborhoods. Hamburg has it all. Discover my favorite hotspots and some hidden gems here so that you're well prepared for your trip!

Elbstrand near the harbor

Due to family living there, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Hamburg several times. With a little help from HappyCow and of course Google, I discovered the best vegan cafes and tried them out with my family! They managed to find other beautiful places, such as the beach on the harbor, beautiful parks and trendy neighborhoods.

In this blog you will therefore find an overview of vegan(friendly) hotspots that I have visited myself, and extra bonus tips for places in Hamburg that I have not been to but that are on my list. Pro tip: Save your favorites to Google Maps or Apple Maps so you can see cafés near you when hunger suddenly hits. In addition, HappyCow is a very nice app to consult for current opening times and reviews.

Pro tip: Save your favorites to Google Maps or Apple Maps so you can see cafés near you when hunger suddenly hits. In addition, HappyCow is a very nice app to consult for current opening times and reviews.

Scroll on to view the different categories: from breakfast, lunch and coffee places, restaurants to parks, shops and trendy neighborhoods. Viel Spaß in Hamburg!

🅥 = 100% vegan

The best breakfast, lunch and coffee places

🅥 Ændré

A Scandinavian-oriented breakfast & lunch café with an attractive, minimalist interior and a spacious terrace. A lovely place, both to sit and eat! The dishes are organic, homemade, healthy and full of color and flavour. The menu is completely vegan and also contains many gluten-free options. My favorite: sourdough bread with hummus and grilled vegetables

🅥 Nasch

A cozy cafe with an informal atmosphere and an activist twist (read: climate / animal rights / anti-racism stickers on the front door and toilets). It's old-fashioned in a good way - with checkered tablecloths and crochet coasters. The menus have unique illustrations on the front. They serve delicious pastries, (hot) drinks and simple lunches. I immediately felt at home here.

My favorites: hot chocolate and a homemade cookie

Café Nasch

A cozy cafe with an all-day breakfast concept. Think of pancakes, waffles, a breakfast burrito, smoothie bowls, coffee, juices and smoothies. Nom!

My favorites: acai smoothie, avocado toast

To be honest, we were a little dissapointed when we arrived at Happenpappen on a weekday, because they only have a limited menu. I recommend to go here during the weekend when there is a more extensive menu! At least if you want to eat some breakfast or lunch. If you're going for just coffee and cake - any day is right! The cakes are delicious and the atmosphere is cozy.

My favorites: banana bread, hot chocolate

A vegetarian Canadian 'dinner' style breakfast & lunch café with pancakes with maple syrup, scrambled eggs and vegan bacon. But they also serve dishes like gyros, currywurst and macaroni. Go here on an empty stomach and expect to be very full for hours after!

My favorite: toast with scrambled eggs with potato.

Bonus tips:

🅥 Soul - Vegan Coffee Bar - smoothie bowls, pancakes, buddha bowls and pastries, all (refined) sugar-free.

Moho's - cozy bakery with vegan options for pastries, bagels and coffee.

Left: Ændré. Right: Mamalicious

Favorite restaurants

A Vietnamese restaurant with two branches. It's one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Hamburg! And for good reason: the food is delicious, and the service is friendly and helpful. You can choose from different main dishes such as soup, or - even better - all kinds of smaller dishes to share.

My favorites: Golden Lotus soup, Endless Love dumplings

This restaurant is located a bit outside the center, but is definitely worth a visit. When the weather is nice it is good to stay in the garden, otherwise you can also sit inside. They have various international dishes on the changing menu, but always homemade and fresh. There's something for everyone!

My favourites: Indian curry, chilli sin carne.

🅥 Vistro

Delicious vegan pizza and other Italian dishes (including cashew mozzarella!). Friendly staff and wide choice of desserts. What more can one wish for?

My favorites: Istanbul pizza, tiramisu

Although I wouldn't call it the most atmospheric restaurant ever, this place makes me very happy. They have mouthwatering vegan fast food on the menu, and they are also very activist with stickers and quotes about veganism. They even have delicious cakes and other pastries. I can recommended this place! My favorites: schnitzel burger with sweet potato fries

Provided you like (heavy) rock music, this is the ideal place to satisfy your hunger. Expect ultimate vegan fast food such as burgers, nuggets and more. The restaurant has a gritty vibe to match its location on the Reeperbahn. They also have a shop in the restaurant, which I thought detracted from the atmosphere. But the food was delicious anyway. Update: they now also have a cafe with vegan pastries!

A great option for burgers if you are going to eat with carnists, and can't choose a vegan restaurant. Peter Pane has several locations in Hamburg, and a separate vegan menu. They serve burgers, loaded fries and cocktails, among other things - the options are numerous and all equally tasty! Bonus: all (table) sauces are vegan.

My favorites: Der Crunchige, Kebab Klaus

Left: Peter Pane. Right: The Vegan Eagle

Nog meer restaurant tips:

🅥 Very Very Veggie Vegan Sushi - you may have guessed this one: great vegan sushi!

🅥 Vincent Vegan - located in a shopping center, I wouldn't really recommend it for the coziness. But if you're a vegan foodie like me, you'll be in vegan fast food heaven here ;)

🅥 Innerluck - great 100% vegan canteen with a large menu, from burgers to lasagna.

🅥 Froindlichst - atmospheric vegan restaurant with a very extensive menu, from bowls to burgers and pizza. You can't go wrong here!

🅥 Bao Bao - vegan vietnamese restaurant with spring rolls, soup and 'tapas' dishes.

SomeDimsum - In case you're planning to go for dinner with carnists. They also serve meat, but the vegan dumplings here are delicious! They also have some other vegan dishes such as noodles and salad too.


Discover more in Hamburg

In addition to vegan food, you might also want to stroll around to appreciate the architecture and greenery, to shop, or just discover the best parts of Hamburg? Then quickly read the tips below for the most beautiful parks, nicest neighborhoods and some awesome shops!

Seek out nature

A large park in the center of Hamburg. Here you can take a nice walk, watch people on a bench, or even spot some cute squirrels. Stroll through the herb garden, flower garden, Japanese garden, or visit the tropical greenhouses! Note: Unfortunately, the greenhouses have been closed for renovation for a long time. So check the website in advance to avoid disappointment.

A large 18th century estate where you can enjoy a nice walk among old trees, meadows and along a river. There are also two museums inside the park that you can visit: the Jenisch Haus & Ernst Barlach Haus.

This park containing a large dahlia garden is located a bit outside the center of Hamburg. They have over 600 varieties of dahlias! The garden is open from July to October.

Discover the coolest neighborhoods

Elbstrand / Elbchaussee

One of my favorite parts to walk around in Hamburg is near the Elbstrand. We walked on the Elbchaussee, which is basically a long, small street along the river, with a view on the port at the other side. There is some georgeous old homes here, along with lots of lovely gardens and greenery.


An eclectic & bohemian area full of street art, hip cafés and plenty of record stores. It has a very urban and alternative atmosphere that comes alive in the evening as well. Enjoy drinks at a local bar or just stroll around during the day.


Not far from Schanzelviertel is the Karoviertel. Another hip area full of vintage shops, cute boutiques and record stores. It is also a great place to stay in the evening and enjoy the alternative bars and cafes with live music.


An old part of Hamburg with a lot of space for creativity. The raw feel and lively cultural scene makes Gängeviertel one of the coolest districts of Hamburg. Stroll through the narrow streets, view one of the many murals, visit an art gallery, or settle down at café Nasch (listed above).


This (touristic) area is called the 'City of Warehouses'. It's a beautiful area with 20th century warehouses everywhere, with canals and bridges in between them. Due to the size and aesthetics it's become a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Planten und Blomen

Let's do some shopping

A colorful concept store with stationery, posters, gift inspiration, clothing and home accessories.

An cute boutique with beautiful vintage clothing from the 50s to the 70s.

Vintage per kilo! A large store where you can satisfy your hunger for vintage ! Additional bonus: they've sorted everything by type and color. I love it!



I hope you will have a great time in Hamburg with the above tips. It truly is a beautiful, green and relatively quiet city. Stroll through the neighborhoods, along the river or in the countryside. And of course enjoy all the vegan options Hamburg has to offer. I'd love to hear if your visit was enjoyable! ;)

Pssst.. do you have any other addition that's worth mentioning? Please leave a message here!


Disclaimer: this blog is based solely on my findings and is in no way sponsored.



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