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The best vegan shops in the Netherlands

There are reveral wonderful and unique vegan shops in the Netherlands, and hopefully there will only be more in the future. These stores sell just about every plant-based product a vegan can dream of, from meat substitutes to plant-based cheeses and chocolate, but also vegan shoes, clothing, beauty products and gifts!

In addition, there are also very cool Dutch vegan webshops that are worth a visit, and that not only sell food, but also items like vegan-friendly bags and home accessories! Scroll down a bit to see my recommendations. I'll be adding to this list in due course.

Physical stores

Food & drinks

Vega Life - Amsterdam (North Holland)

A vegan lifestyle store with a wide range in the center of Amsterdam. Here you will find shoes, clothing, accessories, beauty & care products, books, pet food and more!

Photo: Vega-Life


Nieuwe Hoogstraat 3a

1011 HC Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Vegabond - Amsterdam (North Holland)

Vegan shop & deli in Amsterdam West. They sell various plantbased products such as meat substitutes but care & beauty products as well. And you can immediately go here for a delicious, 100% plantbased breakfast, lunch or coffee.

Photo: Vegabond


De Clercqstraat 48

1052 NH Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Veggie4U - Den Haag (South Holland)

A vegan supermarket with (mostly) organic, fair trade and local products. Things like meat and fish substitutes, plantbased cheese and dairy, biscuits, candy and chocolate, but also ready-made meals, care products and even spiritually oriented products. They also have a menu of hot sandwiches, roti wraps and hot meals for the hungry visitor!

Photo: Veggie4u

Weimarstraat 76

2562 HA Den Haag

The Netherlands

Bio Vegan winkel - Budel (Noord Brabant)

The small village Budel (near Eindhoven) is not the first place that comes to mind when you think of a vegan supermarket. Yet the very first 100% vegan store in the south of the Netherlands is located here! Much of their range is, as the name suggests, organic, and there is also a wide range of gluten-free products. You can also find vegan cosmetics, cleaning products and pet food here.

Photo: Vegan Bio Winkel

Grootschoterweg 17

6023 AN Budel-Schoot

The Netherlands



Food & drinks

Vega Life

In addition to their physical store, vega-life also has a great webshop with vegan-friendly clothing, shoes, accessories, (cook)books, care products, vitamins and plantbased pet food.


An online supermarket chock full of plantbased foods such as meat substitutes, plantbased cheeses & dairy, egg substitutes, baked goods and much more. And you can find several (cook)books in their webshop as well.



Pastries & cakes





Have you ever visited one of these stores? I'm super curious what you thought of them!

And be sure to drop by anyway, these (web) stores can really use your support. Let's support the small vegan entrepreneur. Because don't forget, you vote with your money!



About me

My name is Katinka, and in this blog I share my tips and experiences as a vegan. I hope this will provide inspiration and tools for those who also want to live a more (plant-based) life.


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