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Vegan hotspots | Eindhoven

In recent years, Eindhoven has grown into a plant-based walhalla! In this list you will find all vegan and vegan friendly hotspots that I have tested myself. My favorites are Tea Stories, Jungle Cafe, Bistro Calypso and newcomer De Hoogste Tijd, but every now and then we also try something new ;)

Left & right: Tea Stories

🅥 = 100% vegan

Lunch & coffee places

Delicious tea, lattes and lunch in a place where you can relax.

My Favorites: Japanese Chai, Tiramisu Latte, Teriyaki Jackfruit Toast

A cozy family cafe with a healthy menu and homemade goodies.

My Favorites: Chai Latte, Homemade Soup, Chocolate Chip Cookie

All day breakfast, homemade pastries and healthy lunch options.

My favorites:Chai Latte, Cinnamon Crumble Banana Bread

Fine coffee bar with two locations in town. The one inside the trainstation is perfect for working on your laptop. My favourites: Iced Coffee, Van Planten pastries

Elegant lunchroom in an atmospheric street. A nice place to bring your laptop.

My Favorite: Iced Oat Cappucino, Vegan Breakfast Board

Specialty coffee bar in a cozy building.

My Favorite: Latte Machiatto, Pumpkin Bread with Avocado.

Left & right: Happiness Cafe


Restaurant and cafe recently turned 100% vegan. Great food and borrel snacks, and you can stay for beers or gins afterwards on the terrace. Find their menu through Instagram.

My favorites: Kimchi Tempeh Burger, brownie dessert

Delicious comfort food without fuss and great outdoor seating.

My favorites: Falafel Wrap, Kapsalon, Homemade Chocolate Brownie

Real vegan junkfood, think Vegan Junkfood Bark, loaded fries, burgers and snacks. They also offer delicious pastries from Viola's.

My favorites: Guacward Sweet Potato Fries, Viola's dirty peanut dessert

🅥 Vegan Burger Brothers This is a ghost kitchen, so the only offer delivery through Deliveroo and other delivery services and have no restaurant. They run several vegan fastfood concepts under different names, including The Vega Boys, Doner Dudes, Los Pollos Veganos and Las Vegan. The food I tried was nice but not of exeptional quality.

Plant-based food experience, in a slightly higher price range. I haven't eaten here that great before, but I haven't been in a long time. The concept has since changed and I also know people who are huge fans. So I'd say judge for yourself!

Vegan(n) Middle Eastern dishes, great for take-away.

My Favorites: Pita Falafel Arabica, Baba Ganoush with Pita Bread

More and more vegan options in this eatery on Strijp-S. They now offer lots of vegan burger options.

My favorite: vegan brownie

Middle Eastern takeaway. Noteworthy: you receive the food in a ceramic plate that you can keep.

My favorite: Falafel Bowl. I'm not a big fan of the gyros, but I also know people who love it.

Restaurant and fresh (super)market with many healthy options. My favourites: Vegan Bitterballen, Pastry from Viola's.

Indian family restaurant with a vegetarian menu. Service/takeaway is not always quick. Just ask which dishes are vegan. My Favorite: Baingan Curry

Restaurant chain with Indian cuisine, vegetarian menu with many vegan options, clearly marked on the menu. My Favorites: Baingan Bartha, Tandoori Garlic Naan

Chain with Mexican classics in a new jacket. Lots of healthy options, great for take-out. My favorites: Bowl with pulled oats, sweet potato, guacamole, veggies and salsa.

Left: Bistro Bar Calypo, right: Vegan Burger Brothers


Amazing patisserie with many vegan options. Even vegan keto and sugar free options.

My Favorites: Snickers Pie, Chocolate Entremet Waffelicious Warm waffles with toppings of your choice and a separate vegan menu, including toppings like oreos, white and (rice) milk chocolate, fruit and ice cream. My favorite: with banana & rice milk chocolate

Ice cream

Pronounced flavors and quite a few vegan options.Not cheap but well worth it.

My favourites: Dark Chocolate Sorbet, possibly.along with Coconut BBQ Pineapple (Bounty!)

Dutch Homemade Varying vegan offer.Not cheap but well worth it.

My favorite: vegan chocolate ice cream (when they have it!)

Left: Viola's. Right: Dutch Homemade

More options?

These places I haven't tried yet or made it to my list.They all offer vegan options, so who knows, it might be something for you:


Yoghurt Barn




De Karseboom

Plein 4

The Trafalgar Pub

Xu Noodles

Fuso King Thai Minyoung

Flavour and Spice



De Pizzaplaats


De Pizzaplaats

Happy Italy Vapiano's

Fastfood / Take-away

Cigcoftem Sugo

Papa John's Domino's New York Pizza


Poke Bowl Original

Passie voor Nasi

Dunkin' Donuts

Do you know another nice place in town? Be sure to let me know!


This blog is based solely on my findings and is in no way sponsored.


About me

My name is Katinka, and in this blog I share my tips and experiences as a vegan. I hope this will provide inspiration and tools for those who also want to live a more (plant-based) life.


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