About me

Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Katinka, I am an independent illustrator and freelance content creator. And as you may have already noticed, very vegan! ;)

This blog is a place for me to share my experience about the vegan lifestyle, and hopefully inspire in a positive and accessible way. There is still a negative stigma attached to veganism and, for that matter, activism. Hopefully I can break that down a bit!

As a big animal lover I used to think it was terrible that animals were killed for my food. As a child I tried to put it away because I had the feeling that I had no alternative, because I was already so picky? What food remains .. I thought.


As soon as I left home to study I became a vegetarian. Then at least no animals would die for me was my thought. And as long as I bought 3 star free-range eggs, the chickens were probably fine. But in reality? It took years before I really realized that the fate of animals in the egg and dairy industry was just as dire. That male chicks went through the shredder, all male calves are slaughtered, and the laying hens and dairy cows do not have a good life either. I have phased out the animal products one by one, first eggs, then cheese, finally milk chocolate. What a relief that was! I found that cheese and milk chocolate had been really addictive, I really needed to kick the habit. But the guilt that was lifted off my shoulders was enormous. Veganism was much easier and more fun than I thought, and it feels great not to contribute to animal suffering anymore. And honestly? I wish I had made the switch much sooner!


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