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About me

Hi, nice to have you here!

My name is Katinka, I am an independent illustrator and freelance content creator. And as you may have already figured out, totally vegan!

This blog is therefore a place for me to share my experience about the vegan lifestyle, and hopefully inspire in a positive and accessible way. There is also still a negative stigma attached to veganism and, for that matter, activism. Hopefully I can break that down a bit!

As a freelance content creator I also help sustainable companies and brands with images & text to inspire their customers. From plant-based food and veganism to zero waste, activism, and sustainability in general. We will work together to create the right tone of voice and atmosphere. For example for a newsletter, social media or a website or webshop. Read more about my services here.


Interested in working together?

Do not hesitate to contact me:


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