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Review | Vegan Junk Food Bar Eindhoven

Kerkstraat 16,

Eindhoven, NL

With Vegan Heroes, Calypso and De Hoogste Tijd, we were already quite spoiled with vegan junk food options in Eindhoven. But a real Vegan Junk Food Bar is still a great addition to the city! Because the more vegan restaurants, the better, right?

The opening of this branch was announced in the middle of the pandemic, but also took a long time (because of that?). Fortunately, they kept their promise and recently opened their 6th branch!

With its colorful interior, Instagram-worthy dishes and hip corporate identity, the Vegan Junk Food Bar has quickly made a name for itself in the Netherlands and even internationally. In addition to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Barcelona, they will soon also open branches in Groningen and Cologne as well. Their social media are full of the most beautiful dishes and photos, but what is the restaurant like in real life?

Left: VJFB terras | right: Pnut Thai Chik’n Betterballs


Let's take a look at the menu first. In addition to special cocktails, a mocktail and coconut water from a fresh coconut, they also have 'regular' wine, beer and soft drinks. Plenty of choice there.

For starters they offer mainly things like fried snacks: vegan versions of chicken, bitterballen, calamari, shrimp, but also nachos and sashimi. nom!

For the main course you can choose from three categories: salads, loaded fries or burgers. And of course there are some desserts as well: Better Pnut Butter, Tropical Buba and Chocozito from a glass jar.

The food

The first time we visited, we tried the Mac & Cheeze Betterballs and the Pnut Thai Chik'n Betterballs. Tasty, but we didn't love it. Next time we'll go for the classic vegan bitterballen! As a main course we shared the Loaded Heppi Ribs. These are loaded smiley fries (a sort of potato croquettes) with tempeh ribs. We definitely recommend this, although the portion was not huge. Perfect for one person, yes, but not for two.

Recently we visited again, because we wanted to try even more dishes! We shared the Nobeef nachos (and can recommended), then I tried the Mc Kroquet and Diederik the Notorious Sumo burger. It looked great! We found both burgers very tasty, but we did get a stomachache from all the sauces and oiliness. Again no room left for dessert.. maybe next time? ;)

Left: outdoor seating | right: Loaded Heppi Ribs

The restaurant

The Vegan Junk Food Bar is centrally located in a lively part of the city, next to other restaurants and bars. In addition to a terrace (with sun until mid-afternoon) they have plenty of seating downstairs inside, plus a first floor and even a balcony with some tables.

The interior is mainly pink with black, graffiti style wallpaper and neon lights. I would certainly not call it chic, but definitely hip and colorful. They have tables for two people as well as larger tables for groups. Unfortunately you can't make reservations so you have to go and see if they have a free table. The employees are very enthusiastic, friendly and helpful, such a warm welcome!


I think it's a great addition to Eindhoven. The restaurant is popular already and there is plenty of seating. The food looks beautiful, and although it is definitely not healthy, it's very tasty and worth it occasionally! A real guilty pleasure ;) You want to take all your non-vegan and vegan friends here! I think this will inspire a lot of people to eat vegan more often. A small downside is the menu that you can only view via a QR code. And the abdominal pain afterwards - oops - I hope your stomach is more robust. But all in all it's a cool restaurant with friendly staff, a lot of choice in vegan fast food and a diverse menu. Well worth a visit!

Left: nobeef nacho's | right: Mc Kroquet burger


Kerkstraat 16, Eindhoven, NL

Opening Hours

closed on Mondays

closed on Tuesday

Wednesday: 15:00-22:00

Thursday: 15:00-22:00

Friday: 12:00-22:00

Saturday: 12:00-22:00

Sunday: 12:00-22:00


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Do you have a tip or addition? Be sure to let me know!


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