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Sustainable banking in the Netherlands

I was a customer of Rabobank since birth, and for a long time I had no idea that there was anything wrong with that. Fortunately, in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the non-sustainable investments of most Dutch banks. Do you have no idea what your bank does with your money, or are you already considering switching? Then I have compared the best two options for you below, namely ASN Bank and Triodos Bank.

ASN Bank

An online bank with a very user-friendly app.You can make jars and keep a cash book.It is also no problem to open multiple savings accounts without additional costs.The only drawback: depositing money is only possible through a few other banks for a fee. I myself also use ASN bank, and I can absolutely recommend it. Click here to visit their website.


• Current account: from€22.80 per year

• Student/youth/junior: €0

• Business: from€22.80 per year

• Interest: 0.01% per year



Also an online bank with a simple but clear app. I'm not a huge fan myself because they still invest in animal suffering, under the guise of 'organic and small-scale'. Yet they already score much better on sustainability than almost all other banks (ABN, Rabobank and ING, I'm looking at you!). Another disadvantage to take into account: depositing money is only possible through a few other banks for a fee. Click here to visit their website. Cost:

• Current account: from€60 per year

• Savings account: € 2 per account

• 18 to 25 years: from€42 per year

• Business: from€ 150 per year

• Interest: 0.00%

-0.50% to -0.70% interest on balance above € 100,000.

How does your bank score?

Animal welfare:

Climate change:

Human rights:


Sounds good, but how does switching work?

The Overstapservice is an initiative of all banks to make switching as easy as possible. This service forwards all your credits and debits for 13 months to your new account. After 12 months you will receive a reminder that your switching service is about to expire. However, that does not mean that everything is arranged! You must ensure that you pass on your new account number to all authorities and persons who credit or debit money to you. To do this, go through your transactions and make a list. Think of official bodies, employer, insurer, subscriptions, family and friends. In particular, direct debits that are only debited once a year are sometimes forgotten.

For all information, visit the Overstapservice website.


Disclaimer: This blog is based on my own opinion and is not sponsored in any way.



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