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The best vegan cheeses in Dutch supermarkets!

So much new plantbased cheese have been added to supermarket shelves lately, but which one is the best? I've tested cheese slices, grated cheese, blocks of feta, cheddar, brie and camemberts from Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Lidl. And as a bonus, we also take a closer look at some of the Ekoplaza cheeses!

My top 3:



Vegan slices from Lidl

At Lidl for €1,89 | 200g

One of the better options. It melts quickly and well, without an overpowering coconut oil taste. It still tastes best on a grilled sandwich, but even a slice as is tastes fine. It may be a little less creamy than you might be used to from cow's cheese. Find it here!



plantbased 'grated' from Lidl

At Lidl for €1,69 | 200g

A well melting grated cheese for an affordable price. Ideal for casseroles, nachos or other hot dishes! It melts almost too well, making it a bit thin. Nevertheless, certainly not bad. Find it here.

Violife Gouda Flavour Grated

At Albert Heijn & Jumbo for €3,45 | 200g

Violife rarely disappoints, but it is in a slightly more expensive price category. A tasty cheese that melts reasonably well. Pro tip: spray the cheese with a plant sprayer, then it will melt faster! Find it here.




At Jumbo for €2,99 | 180g

Opinions vary widely, but I love this one! Pair it with some vegetable pesto on a toast, success guaranteed. Find it here.



Verdino Plant-Based Yellow Block Cheddar-Style

At Jumbo for €2,99 | 200g

Find it here!

Violife Cheddar Flavour Slices

At Jumbo for €2,99 | 200g

Find it here!

AH Plantaardige plakken (alternatief voor) cheddar

At Albert Heijn for €2,19 | 150g

Find it here!



Dodoni Plant'd greek white

At Albert Heijn for €2,99 | 200g

Find it here!

Verdino Plant-Based White Block Greek-Style Vegan Cheese

At Jumbo for €3,25 | 200g

Find it here!



Nurishh Camembert

At Albert Heijn for €3,99 | 140g

Een stevig en frisse kaas, die wij eerder als brie zouden bestempelen (op de ronde vorm na dan). Desalniettemin een lekker kaasje voor bij de borrel! Je vind deze kaas in het koelschap van grotere Albert Heijns. Find it here!

Cashew Fermentino - Bloomy Rind - Plantaardig

At Jumbo for €4,99 | 100g

A creamy alternative to camembert, based on cashews. I didn't dislike it, although I may still miss the real strong taste that I remember from (cow's milk based) camembert. Unfortunately, this Fermentino is not always available at Jumbo. Find it here!



Jeanne vegan blue cheese from Jay & Joy

At Ekoplaza for €6,29 | 90g

A delicious alternative to blue cheese! This cheese is creamy, has a strong taste and is delicious on toast with a glass of wine. Admittedly, this cheese does not win a beauty prize in terms of appearance. Another disadvantage is the price, because for 6,29 euros you only get 90 grams. However, you do invest in this company, which will hopefully allow them to scale up in the future and thereby lower their prices! Did you know that Jay & Joy already have their own plant-based cheese shop in Paris? Can't wait to try more from them! Find it here.

Josephine vegan brie from Jay & Joy

At Ekoplaza for €6,29 | 90g

A tasty, firm brie. It may not convince a non-vegan cheese lover, but for vegan cheese lovers it is a great alternative to brie. Find it here!

That's it for now.

I am super curious if you have already tried these products, and what you think of them!


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