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New vegan products in the Netherlands - March 2022

Oh yes, there are some great new plantbased products in the Dutch Supermarket!

Which ones have you found yet? I can't wait to try these!

Calvé Extra Garlic Sauce

At Albert Heijn for €2,15 | 250g

Order here!

Gouda’s Glorie pure vegan dressing

At Albert Heijn & Coop for €1,39 | 200 ml

Left: mustard dill Middle: herbs Right: bell pepper-tomato

Order here at Coop or AH!

Mora Japanese Teriyaki

At Albert Heijn, Coop & Plus for €3,69 | 12 pieces

Order here at Plus, Coop or AH!

No Fairytales Burrito chili sin carne

At Albert Heijn & Plus for €2,99 | 171g

Order here at Albert Heijn or Plus!

Rebl Chef Planty Huzaren salad Naturel

At Jumbo for €2,99 | 220g

Order here!

Monkeys By The Sea Vegan Tuna salad

At Jumbo for €3,49 | 135g

Order here!

Nurishh slices

At Albert Heijn for €2,99 | 160g

Order here!

AH mix for vegan carrot cake

At Albert Heijn for €2,49 | 400g

Order here!

Raw Halo Mylk & Vanilla

At Albert Heijn for €2,99 | 70g

Order here!

Raw Halo Mylk & Pink Himalayan Salt

At Albert Heijn for €2,99 | 70g

Order here!

Raw Halo Dark & salted caramel

At Albert Heijn for €2,99 | 70g

Order here!

Raw Halo Dark 76%

At Albert Heijn for €2,99 | 70g

Order here!

Magnum vegan mini classic & almond

At Albert Heijn & Jumbo for €5,39 | 6 pieces

Order here!

Hertog ijssalon vanilla

At Jumbo for €3,95 | 900ml

Order here!

AH fruit popsicles strawberry

At Albert Heijn for €2,49 | 5 pieces

Order here!

AH onion rings

At Albert Heijn for €1,09 | 125g

Order here!

Trolli Dinorex

At Albert Heijn for €1,19 | 200g

Order here!


AH vegan Carpaccio

At Albert Heijn for €3,99 | 143g

Order here!

AH vegan broad bean burger

At Albert Heijn for 2,99 | 227g

Order here!

AH vegan salmon burger

At Albert Heijn for €2,99 | 180g

Order here!

That's it for now.

Unless you have spotted something else? I'd love to hear! Drop me a message ;)


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